Year of Anime Update 2020/21

September has started which means new beginnings for my Year of Anime project! I’ve developed a pretty good roster if I do say so myself. This year’s YOA project was surprisingly successful — I mostly kept up with my own plan! Here’s to another year of that. I’m doing something a little different and offering some thoughts on this past iteration of YOA, as well as a few highlights.

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Mystery Blogger Award

Thanks so much to a fellow torium, Moyatorium, for nominating me! It took me forever to make this post because the WordPress editor has just absolutely lost me and it’s endlessly frustrating to just…WRITE on this website at the moment. With a lot of sleuthing, I’m back in business!

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Quotorium Reviews: The Tatami Galaxy

Welcome to a belated June Year of Anime entry! I’ve wanted to watch this show for a while since it was mentioned in a class, and this was the year to sit down and do that thing. The Tatami Galaxy has some interesting things to offer on the animation and narration side of things, so let’s see what that’s all about— a little reviewlysis, if you will, but what else is new.

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Whisper of the Heart: A Reflection on Writing from a Film Academic

Fun fact: my all time favourite Ghibli movie is Whisper of the Heart. It continues to be the most vulnerable and relatable of the bunch for me, and to this day I rewatch it maybe once a year because of how emotional it makes me. With the Ghibli repertoire finally available on Netflix in Canada, I wanted to take some time on this blog to explore how this movie whispers into my heart as I’m writing my thesis for my MA in Film Studies.

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An Indulgent Narrative Analysis of the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour

Another foray into unknown territory for me! This past year I accidentally dove head first into Taylor Swift’s music after years of avoiding it. Well, I’m pleased to say that Taylor Swift has quite the repertoire. I did a fair bit of digging into people’s reviews of her reputation Stadium Tour, a 2018 Netflix special, and didn’t find a whole lot of analysis contained therein, so here we are! I thought I’d take some time here to explore how her storytelling translates to a whole concert tour in a really long post. Enjoy!

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Quotorium Reviews: Lucky Star

I’ll be honest, I put Lucky Star on my list entirely because of its opening theme, which took over forums, conventions, and memes. I’m pleased to report that this silly slice of life show offered much more to me than I could have hoped, so enjoy a little appreciation for a job well done!

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Quotorium Reviews: Watamote

April’s Year of Anime entry came at the cost of whatever flimsy defense I had against secondhand embarrassment. Watamote is painfully relatable in ways I wasn’t expecting, very cringey, and dare I say even enlightening at times. Let’s get another reviewlysis going!

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