Quotorium Reviews: Luca (Themes and Thoughts)

After feeling a bit out of the loop with current animation and very jaded with Disney and Pixar, Luca surprised me when I realized I actively wanted to watch it. I’d seen concept art for it awhile ago and had instantly bookmarked it in my brain. So when the film finally came out for streaming on Disney+, I knew I had to talk about it. And this post is where I’ll do that! In true thequotorium fashion, this will be more of a reviewlysis because I had a ton to say about Luca as a whole, so enjoy!

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So I Wrote a Thesis!

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I’ve done anything substantial on this blog, and I wanted to talk a bit about why. Nothing drastic, I was just busy putting all my writing efforts towards a thesis. But now it’s done! This post is going to run through what I worked on, for future reference and as a little summary exercise. Despite this being the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, I actually do really like the shows I used as my objects of study and want to talk about why they ended up in my thesis. Ok let’s go! 

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Quotorium Reviews: Dawn of the Deep Soul

After months of waiting for the right time to watch this film, and now that thesis progress is leveling out a bit, I finally sat down to experience it in all its glory. I have a ton of thoughts about how Dawn of the Deep Soul furthered the Made in Abyss world and lore. Basically, it’s another reviewlysis because there are way too many cool things for me to look into. This post will spoil –be warned!

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Quotorium Reviews: Princess Jellyfish

July’s Year of Anime entry is finally here! Excuse the mess, a lot has been happening. Princess Jellyfish seemed like a good entry for the summer, and while it delivered, it also has a ton of little criticisms and comments that I didn’t anticipate when I took it on. Let’s look into them!

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Year of Anime Update 2020/21

September has started which means new beginnings for my Year of Anime project! I’ve developed a pretty good roster if I do say so myself. This year’s YOA project was surprisingly successful — I mostly kept up with my own plan! Here’s to another year of that. I’m doing something a little different and offering some thoughts on this past iteration of YOA, as well as a few highlights.

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Quotorium Reviews: The Tatami Galaxy

Welcome to a belated June Year of Anime entry! I’ve wanted to watch this show for a while since it was mentioned in a class, and this was the year to sit down and do that thing. The Tatami Galaxy has some interesting things to offer on the animation and narration side of things, so let’s see what that’s all about— a little reviewlysis, if you will, but what else is new.

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