Year of Anime Update 2020/21

September has started which means new beginnings for my Year of Anime project! I’ve developed a pretty good roster if I do say so myself. This year’s YOA project was surprisingly successful — I mostly kept up with my own plan! Here’s to another year of that. I’m doing something a little different and offering some thoughts on this past iteration of YOA, as well as a few highlights.

Reflections on the 2019/20 YOA

This past YOA had a pretty good balance to it with a few surprise hits and misses and as much of a genre mix as I could plan out. I always say that out of every 12 shows I take on for the year, only about 1 or 2 end up sticking with me and becoming favourites. This year, that one show was March Comes in Like a Lion. It inspired me immensely both while I was watching it an afterwards, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

March Comes in Like a Lion completely won me over with its complex characters, experimental animation, and unique approach to sports anime and drama alike.

A runner up for the most “worth it” anime was definitely Devilman Crybaby. This show has staying power because of its graphic images and the scale of history and religion that it aimed to reimagine. I won’t revisit this show (unlike March Comes in Like a Lion), but ever since watching it, Devilman Crybaby has stuck with me vividly, and it deserves a mention just for that. On the opposite end of things, Gankutsuou was a very confusing watch for the first half, which impacted how I perceived the rest of the anime even though it did improve over its runtime and eventually allowed time for proper cause and effect storytelling.

Paranoia Agent uses the mascot Maromi as a motif for constant terror, and he appears in every episode as anime merchandise.

I didn’t realize until I was finished with this year, but a surprising amount of anime I chose critiqued and/or celebrated otaku and the nuances of obsessive lifestyles. Paranoia Agent, Welcome to the NHK, Watamote, Lucky Star, and Tatami Galaxy all deal with levels of consumption, reaction, and navigation of media in varying levels of severity, which meant I was doing a lot of self reflection as someone whose entire life is basically in front of a computer screen. The 2019/20 YOA wasn’t the most whimsical or entertaining, but it provided lots of commentary and opportunity for analysis that I enjoyed plugging into my reviews. 

The 2020/21 YOA

Without further ado, here’s the lineup for the next 12 months. More and more, YOA is becoming a way of recovering anime greats that no one talks about anymore in this fast-paced media climate, so there are a lot of older ones represented here. 

  • September: Noragami
  • October: Chobits
  • November: .hack//Sign
  • December: Eden of the East
  • January: Claymore
  • February: Kanon
  • March: Angel Beats
  • April: Azumanga Daioh
  • May: Natsume’s Book of Friends
  • June: Monogatari franchise
  • July: Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei
  • August: Durarara!!

I’ve updated my Year of Anime page, and I’m linking the reviews there as I go, which is a lot easier for me to keep track of. Check that out if you’re ever curious about what I’m behind on 😉 

I haven’t watched mecha in a really long time – wish me luck!

Lastly, some housekeeping. A few of my reviews for the past 2019/20 YOA are waiting in the wings, however the Eureka Seven review will take some time seeing as it’s way longer than other shows I’ve been watching. My review of Princess Jellyfish will be ready in a few days, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


One thought on “Year of Anime Update 2020/21

  1. I dismissed March Comes in Like a Lion at first because first couple of episodes felt like Your Lie in April, which is just a repetition of the “young boy who is a genius but traumatized due to family, who’ll be saved by either a women or ‘normal people’” trope that i was quite sick of but I’m glad I gave it a second chance! Each and every character were handled beautifully and overall, it deserves the YOA title. Can’t wait to read your opinions on Princess Jellyfish as well ~~

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