Whisper of the Heart: A Reflection on Writing from a Film Academic

Fun fact: my all time favourite Ghibli movie is Whisper of the Heart. It continues to be the most vulnerable and relatable of the bunch for me, and to this day I rewatch it maybe once a year because of how emotional it makes me. With the Ghibli repertoire finally available on Netflix in Canada, I wanted to take some time on this blog to explore how this movie whispers into my heart as I’m writing my thesis for my MA in Film Studies.

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Bingeing Food Anime in Quarantine: A Love Story

I don’t know about you, but quarantine has done crazy things to my appetite. I’ve found myself turning to food or cooking anime more and more to recapture tastes that I probably won’t be able to get until things start opening up again. More than that, food anime has become exactly the sort of meditative fluff that helps me through my day. What follows is just a little ramble about my recent addiction to watching 2D interpretations of stuff I could probably actually eat if I knew what I was doing.

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Starkid’s Black Friday: Sequels, Music, and Theme

I just finished watching and rewatching Starkid Production’s latest musical, Black Friday, and I have some thoughts that I have to get out, so my blog seemed like a good place to put them. There don’t seem to be too many analytical posts out there about Starkid that aren’t more fandom-driven so this will fall outside of fandom discourse for the most part. Also disclaimer: I’m not an expert on musicals, nor do I really go out of my way to enjoy them, so this is way out of left field for me. Though I usually focus on narrative, this post will more or less focus on structure and larger implications of how the musical is presented.

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After finishing She-Ra S4, I was struck yet again by an inexplicable dislike for Glimmer’s character. Each new season brings the same knee jerk reaction, and I was convinced for the longest time that it was just me. However, I’ve done some thinking and since I keep feeling that way about her, I wanted to break down why I might dislike her so much in a little exploratory post. This post WILL spoil so be aware!

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A Love Letter to Hetalia

Switching things up this week with a casual chat looking at one of the more well-loved anime out there: Hetalia! I wanted to use this post to just explore how this show is approached, what I think about it, and what we can get from the show in general. Let’s get a discussion going!

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Little Witch Academia: Some (Seasonal) Nostalgia

Not a huge post this week, but I wanted to just real quick mention a show that is near and dear to my heart right now. So in honour of Halloween, here’s a mini-discussion about some emotional aspects of Little Witch Academia!

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