Quotorium Reviews: Welcome to the N.H.K.

Here comes December’s Year of Anime entry! Welcome to the NHK has always been described to me as a classic, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from a show about a shut in, or hikikomori. Luckily, Welcome to the NHK has a LOT for me to chew on, and I thought I’d take the time to do so here. While my overall thoughts on the show are going to pop up, this review will mostly analyze what makes NHK so special, so consider it a reviewlysis!

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Quotorium Reviews: Sound! Euphonium

Welcome to the 2019/2020 Year of Anime! Each month I watch an anime and do my best to review each in turn. I’m kicking off the year with Sound! Euphonium, something that’s been on my to-watch list for a while. You can look at my lineup for this year on my YOA page. Alright, let’s get this review going!

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My Japanese Movie Theatre Anime Experience

Hello from Japan! I’m wrapping up a research term over here at the moment, and among other things I’ve had the opportunity to watch a few movies in theatres for that ‘big screen anime’ experience with both Children of the Sea and Weathering With You. I had a few thoughts floating around about how these experiences panned out, so this post will largely discuss that. While this isn’t necessarily a genre breakdown, it does follow my little formula for those types of posts. Let’s get to it! 

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Some Reflections on Evangelion

This show, right? It seems like you can’t be a part of the anime community without encountering Neon Genesis Evangelion, either for better or for worse. It continues to confuse and fascinate and has sparked everything from waifu arguments to reinventing entire genres and character archetypes since it aired in 1995. To celebrate NGE’s release onto Netflix, I wanted to spend some time unpacking just what it has going for it, why you should care, and where to go from here. Let’s get to it!

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Quotorium Reviews: Free! Dive to the Future (and Some Analysis Too)

Would you look at that, an in-depth look at a recent show! I have followed the Free! franchise since the beginning and had some thoughts and opinions on its most recent third season, Dive to the Future. This post is going to be part review, part analysis -a reviewlysis- to help me figure out the latest that Free! has to offer. That being said, spoiler warning, if there are even any spoilers for a sports anime!

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Your Name: Space, Time and Transience

I am WAY behind on the Your Name bandwagon, partly because it was never available where I was and partly because I’m stubborn and wanted to see it legally, in good quality. But I recently got the opportunity to watch it on Blu-ray, so I thought with awards season approaching, now is the time to write about Makoto Shinkai’s current and most dazzling project. I hope to cover how Your Name portrays transience and the separation and simultaneous integration of time and space throughout the film, since this fascinated me so much and I wanted to devote some time to unpacking it.

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Death Note: The Second Arc

Let’s kick off this blog with a Death Note entry.  This post will delve into some narrative choices that Death Note makes in the second arc of the series and try to resolve the hateful opinions that have grown around it since its airing in 2006-2007.  It will spoil, so be warned.

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