Quotorium Reviews: She-Ra S5

After being on board with She-Ra’s 2018 reboot from the beginning and writing about it this blog a few times, I’m excited to review the final installment in this show that packs a sparkly punch! I’ll discuss a lot of spoilers here since this is the show’s final installment, so be warned.

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After finishing She-Ra S4, I was struck yet again by an inexplicable dislike for Glimmer’s character. Each new season brings the same knee jerk reaction, and I was convinced for the longest time that it was just me. However, I’ve done some thinking and since I keep feeling that way about her, I wanted to break down why I might dislike her so much in a little exploratory post. This post WILL spoil so be aware!

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Quotorium Reviews: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

And now for a review that has taken me forever to write, but one that I’ve been anticipating for a while! She-Ra came to me at a rather busy and awful time in the year, so it was only natural that it became a great pick-me-up for when the going got tough. There’s a really unique mix of good and bad at play here, so let’s go ahead and look into that!

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Quotorium Reviews: Voltron S8 and Some Reflections

And with that, Voltron has officially wrapped up! It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 2 years. I aim to use this review as a way to process, vent, and figure out what the final season of Voltron means for the series. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started! Just a warning: this review will be spoiler-heavy since this was the concluding season and there’s a lot to discuss!

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Quotorium Reviews: Voltron S6

I was planning on reviewing something else this week, but ever since I watched Voltron’s newest season I have literally been unable to think about anything else! So why not just write about Voltron instead? What follows are my general thoughts and opinions on Season 6, which aired this past week.

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