Quotorium Reviews: Lucky Star

I’ll be honest, I put Lucky Star on my list entirely because of its opening theme, which took over forums, conventions, and memes. I’m pleased to report that this silly slice of life show offered much more to me than I could have hoped, so enjoy a little appreciation for a job well done!

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Quotorium Reviews: Sound! Euphonium

Welcome to the 2019/2020 Year of Anime! Each month I watch an anime and do my best to review each in turn. I’m kicking off the year with Sound! Euphonium, something that’s been on my to-watch list for a while. You can look at my lineup for this year on my YOA page. Alright, let’s get this review going!

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A Ketchup Post

In elementary school, I had a teacher who got out a bottle of ketchup each time we had a free period to “catch up” on schoolwork. I guess that pun stuck in my brain pretty well because I thought I’d use it as the basis for this post. The past few months have been pretty busy in good and bad ways, so in order to review all the things I’ve watched recently but don’t have enough time or energy to publish separately, I’m combining mini reviews together to create one big recap. Let’s get started!

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Quotorium Reviews: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

After hearing so much about Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, I finally got the chance to properly enjoy it!  While this show is my second Year of Anime entry, I still watched it for September anyway, just because I couldn’t wait any longer. This show was an absolute pleasure to watch so let’s get to it! Continue reading “Quotorium Reviews: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”

Quotorium Reviews: Free! Dive to the Future (and Some Analysis Too)

Would you look at that, an in-depth look at a recent show! I have followed the Free! franchise since the beginning and had some thoughts and opinions on its most recent third season, Dive to the Future. This post is going to be part review, part analysis -a reviewlysis- to help me figure out the latest that Free! has to offer. That being said, spoiler warning, if there are even any spoilers for a sports anime!

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Quotorium Reviews: Nichijou

Catching myself up on my own anime list right now and I just finished watching Nichijou! While it isn’t anything new, I had a blast watching this show and wanted to just toss some ideas around and process it in a review. Without further ado, let’s look at my two cents on this modern classic.

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Slice of Life Breakdown: K-On! and Tamako Market

Slice of life is one of those slippery genres that can change depending on the situations they incorporate. For many though, slice of life is best defined as the depiction of everyday occurrences in a character’s life onscreen. In slice of life, even the most mundane event can be made interesting. Take the coffee-ordering scene in Nichijou, or swimming class in Toradora! as examples. In order to figure out how slice of life works, I’ll be looking at how K-On! and Tamako Market use slice of life and whether or not it’s effective. Without further ado, let’s isolate some variables!

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Hyouka: Character and Foils

When I first started watching anime, Hyouka was one of the first that I had the pleasure of discovering. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in the style from its aesthetics to its content. For the longest time I have thought about why I found Hyouka so engaging. The plot is pretty mundane: a group of high school students solving minimal, everyday mysteries and not really encountering the supernatural or any sort of murder, which ranks it lower than Nancy Drew and Scooby-Doo. It shouldn’t have been so captivating, so why did it end up being my top anime? In this (rather lengthy) article, I would like to analyze what makes Hyouka noteworthy and figure out how and why this is effective.  Continue reading “Hyouka: Character and Foils”