Quotorium Reviews: Dawn of the Deep Soul

After months of waiting for the right time to watch this film, and now that thesis progress is leveling out a bit, I finally sat down to experience it in all its glory. I have a ton of thoughts about how Dawn of the Deep Soul furthered the Made in Abyss world and lore. Basically, it’s another reviewlysis because there are way too many cool things for me to look into. This post will spoil –be warned!

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Quotorium Reviews: Made in Abyss

And so the Year of Anime continues! I just finished watching Made in Abyss and I’m blown away and a little freaked out by all that it managed to get into 13 episodes. As such, there’s a lot I want to say about the 2018 anime of the year. This anime has so much to it I just couldn’t help sprinkling some analysis in there. So without further ado, let’s dive on in! Or perhaps…climb down? Continue reading “Quotorium Reviews: Made in Abyss”