My Japanese Movie Theatre Anime Experience

Hello from Japan! I’m wrapping up a research term over here at the moment, and among other things I’ve had the opportunity to watch a few movies in theatres for that ‘big screen anime’ experience with both Children of the Sea and Weathering With You. I had a few thoughts floating around about how these experiences panned out, so this post will largely discuss that. While this isn’t necessarily a genre breakdown, it does follow my little formula for those types of posts. Let’s get to it! 

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Your Name: Space, Time and Transience

I am WAY behind on the Your Name bandwagon, partly because it was never available where I was and partly because I’m stubborn and wanted to see it legally, in good quality. But I recently got the opportunity to watch it on Blu-ray, so I thought with awards season approaching, now is the time to write about Makoto Shinkai’s current and most dazzling project. I hope to cover how Your Name portrays transience and the separation and simultaneous integration of time and space throughout the film, since this fascinated me so much and I wanted to devote some time to unpacking it.

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