Yuri on Ice Part 3: Fairy Tale, Storytelling and Media

Hi and welcome back! After my last post on Yuri on Ice’s narrative, it didn’t feel right leaving out what got me interested in this subject in the first place: storytelling! If you have not yet read my other posts on YOI, I suggest you do that to make sense of what I talk about here. Part 1 is on the Victuri dynamic, and Part 2 is on secondary characters and skating programs. This time round, I hope to focus on how YOI uses stories and media to connect ideas to larger audiences. Without further ado, onto the analysis!

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Yuri on Ice Part 2: Figure Skating, Secondary Characters, and the Love Narrative

Welcome back! In my last post covering Yuri on Ice, I focused on the use of love in the narrative of the show, with particular attention to the dynamic of Victor and Yuri. If you haven’t read it yet, you probably should to make sense of the points I develop here. This time around, I will be looking into how secondary characters, figure skating, and various storytelling techniques aim to expand on love in the show. As we will discover, figure skating is not only the sport of choice, but a great narrative device that YOI uses to elaborate on love.  Continue reading “Yuri on Ice Part 2: Figure Skating, Secondary Characters, and the Love Narrative”

Yuri on Ice Part 1: Love as Narrative

Long time no blog! After a few hectic weeks, I’ve decided to look into Yuri on Ice. Since it came out, many have approached YOI from the standpoint of it either being perfect, or not being good enough, especially due to the highly invested fan base and the desire to go against the majority opinion. I don’t know if my readings count as one or the other, but I really wanted to look at an aspect of YOI that is narrative-focused because for all that it may not do well, YOI manages to use narrative in an innovative way, at least as far as anime is concerned. In this article, I hope to look at how YOI uses love as its narrative, and how that affects characterization, organization and importance of events, etc.

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